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Prayer always has and always will be a foundational pillar at New Life Hutto, for we have a mandate to reach the people of North Austin Metro, and to let them know of the love of Christ. When examining the life of Jesus, we see that He consistently draws away to be alone to pray. During His life here on Earth, He was in constant communion and communication through prayer. This is the design that God has for each one of us, that we are constantly in communion with Him.

This kind of communion is available to every believer through prayer, intercession, and the Word. God always has called us to be people of His presence. Now it is time for us to answer that call as we refocus our lives through constant prayer. Imagine the impact on our city, if our church began praying as Jesus did. The Father promises that when we ask, we will receive, when we knock, the door will be opened, when we seek, we will find. It is time to start asking, seeking, and knocking for God’s plans for our city, our families, our nation. As we cry out as a unified body steadfastly week after week, revival will surely come.

The church meets for prayer 30 minutes before every service on Sunday and Wednesday.


Our Purpose

New Life Hutto’s Music Ministry provides an atmosphere of worship during services, and endeavors to lift up the name of Jesus through music and song.

Our Groups

The Music Ministry is a vital part of our worship. Accordingly, we have musicians and organized singing groups.

  • Praise Teams are groups that lead worship during the services at New Life Hutto.
  • Childrens Choir is composed of children from the Sunday School at New Life Hutto, and usually sing once per quarter.

Join Us

If you would like to join the praise team or be one of our musicians, please see us and talk to us about your interest. Since members of our ministry play a prominent and visible role in our worship services, we must commit ourselves to be good examples and to represent our church well.


Raising your children to be full of joy and rock solid in their faith requires a personal relationship with Jesus. We’re here to help you as you lead your children toward a vibrant faith in God. Our Sunday School ministry is dedicated to supporting your family from the youngest to the oldest.
Here is what you can expect:

  • God’s Word will be taught in a creative, relevant and age appropriate manner.
  • We will share clear truths from God’s word and teach your child how to apply what they are learning.
  • We provide opportunities for your children to learn through small group.

Our Classes

We offer classes for several age groups and use age appropriate, Bible based curriculum for children and youth. Our adult classes use a variety of curricula and resources that are both biblical and relevant. The following classes are offered each Sunday:
  • Pre-K-Kindergarten (Ages 3-5)
  • Primary (Ages 6-8)
  • Pre-teen (Ages 9-11)
  • Junior Youth (Ages 12-14)
  • Senior Youth (Ages 15-17)
  • College & Career (Ages 18-30)
  • Adult Bible Class


Nursery Care

Children are a blessing from the Lord, and the nursery workers do a great job caring for our infants (ages 6 to 24 months) and toddlers (ages 24 to 36 months) while parents receive spiritual inspiration in our services. The nursery is open on Wednesday nights as well as both services on Sundays. We appreciate those who work in the nursery to make sure no one goes on a "spiritual fast" by missing too many services.

Baby Dedications

Your child is God's gift to you. New Life Hutto wants to support you as you give your child back to God. Baby dedications can be held on Sundays. Please schedule yours with our pastor so that we can treasure your child just like Jesus does.


The teen years mark a key transitional stage in life. Moving from childhood to adulthood is mayhem! But God uses times of change to bring great growth. That’s where the Student Ministries staff comes alongside parents—helping teenagers know God intimately, read His Word accurately, share and defend their faith, serve others, and develop deep relationships.


  • Quarterly Youth Rallies
  • Holiday Sectional event
  • Fundraisers to Sheaves for Christ
  • Annual Holiday Youth Convention
  • Summer Camp


Whether you are in college or building your career, the church is committed to you experiencing encouragement, truth and a sense of belonging. We would be honored for you to become a part of what God is doing with this group.


We get together for fun activities or volunteer in a variety of church projects.

  • Sunday Morning lessons
  • Bible Studies (2nd & 4th Wednesday)
  • Annual Fuel Retreat
  • Holiday Youth Convention
  • Monthly children outreach


We connect the women of the New Life Hutto together in friendship. Friends are such a vital part of our existence. Where would we be without them? There are casual acquaintances, and then there are those special women–our friends–who find their way into our hearts. Friends are valuable gifts from God who many times become closer than a sister. "A friend loves at all times…" Proverbs 17:17 Friends love us in spite of our flaws.

Every woman who comes to New Life Hutto is a part of Ladies ministry. There is no need to sign up, simply show up! Everyone is welcome.


  • Quarterly ladies' breakfast
  • Holiday breakfast
  • Fundraisers to support various programs
  • Annual women's conference
  • Monthly Ladies' Social


The Global Missions Ministry exists to assist missionaries in achieving the objective of reaching the whole world with the whole gospel. Our goal is to help missionaries get to their specific field of labor as quickly as possible by financing them through many different venues. This enables missionaries to focus specifically on the work they are sent to do and in return reap a greater harvest.

Ways We Help

  • Faith Promise
  • Sheaves for Christ
  • Partners in Missions
  • Finance The Construction Of Churches
  • Invest In International Crusades
  • Sponsor Special Missionary Projects
  • Annual Global Missions Weekend


The North American Missions Ministry has developed excellent programs to support evangelical efforts across the North American continent. We currently support some of the many specialized ministries of North American Missions Division of UPCI.


Church in a Day (CIAD) assists congregations in building new church buildings, all in a single day. With CIAD, a church receives the equivalent of a $100,000 to $250,000 donation, and most importantly, goes from an empty lot to a service-ready sanctuary.

Christmas For Christ

Christmas for Christ is a fund-raising program of North American Missions. The funds, received as special offerings during the Christmas season, are used to enlist, train, and financially support missionaries who are sent to establish churches in un-evangelized and under evangelized areas. The funds support other North American Missions programs as well.